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BAD Things can Happen!

You must Help Yourself

You must Help Yourself to SURVIVE

Leave Me Alone or!

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

I have things to do

Over the years, I’ve tried to be nice. I go to church with my parents every Sunday, exercise, ride my horse up at The Hill, and get good grades in school. If you don’t want to get your ass kicked? Leave me alone or I’ll send you home in a body-bag. When it comes down to you or me, YOU made your choice. I have to kick your ass into the next world if I’m to survive for another day.

I was only four, Tommy Walters came to Cedarville to kill my Momma and me, that didn’t work out very well for old Tommy. He only got what he deserved, saving the State of Missouri lots of money on his appeals.

Turning twelve there were twelve hoodlums extorting Social Security check money from old folks here in town every month. The Police were scared to do anything, since other officers had been killed by these criminals in a nearby town. Friends helped me arrange a few free meals for fifty old folks which was no big task. It was the next Friday, the day for checks to arrive at the Post Office. I arrived at the city square before 8:30 a.m. and waited. With my skateboard leaned up against the back of the park-bench, my Security team were to keep the police out of my way.

Twelve big bad-boys arrived, explaining what they were going to do with me, before throwing my remains in a dumpster. Ten bodies were left laying on the ground, two escaped and died in a shoot-out with law officers north of town. These boys only got my clothes exceedingly dirty, without one bruise or scratch. My Momma had me put the clothes in a paper bag and throw it into our gas-fired incinerator.

Check out my Book: The Dreams of Shelby Gore to find what kinds of mischief I can get into.

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Tomorrow is Another Day…

Marcella is Cute, but

Marcella is Cute, but What about Tomorrow?

Marcella survived

Marcella survived

By Praying, Marcella Survived!

It was two years from the time her parents were murdered until the Sunday Night at the Community of Christ church, she was losing hope. Marcella had few choices to just stay alive, with God’s help and many of his people praying she did survive. Organized crime in Springfield controls local politics, do not cross the wrong people.

In 1970 she met a guy named Gus Gore, but returning to see him again, it was too dangerous for them both. For the first month he searched for her, though people told him she is nothing but trouble. His pastor at Springfield’s Community of Christ church talked with Gus explaining her circumstances. He had to wait for two more years to see the answer to his prayers.

There are mean people on the streets, extortion, prostitution, and murder are daily circumstances to overcome. Some people survive, some people do not survive. A home for run-away teenage girls was Hell on Earth, girls died and there was no one to care.

It is Wednesday May 24th, 1972 at Gus Gore’s home in west Springfield. A woman’s voice greets him as he puts his key into the front door lock. Looking down the side of his house toward the back yard, his heart jumps with excitement. There is the girl of his dreams in the flesh right here. Her long blonde hair hanging in a single loose braid, gorgeous tan, pink crop top, and denim cut-off shorts. The girl has bare feet and is not really that clean, but Gus does not care: Marcella is Here! This teenager is scared and trembling bad, though right now she wants a drink. They go inside the house, she opens the refrigerator door and asks him for a glass.

READ our current book: “The Dreams of Shelby Gore”

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Next Book

Marcella survived

Marcella survived Hell

Our Second Book in the Su-ZQ series tells about Marcella Prine, whose parents were murdered when she was fourteen. She had to survive living through Hell, watching friends who didn’t survive living in a home for run-away girls. It was not the life she wanted to live, but she wanted to live to face another day.

Marcella’s father was a respected Springfield lawyer, who learned his law partner had joined up with organized crime. After her parents were killed when their private jet exploded, she had to live with her court appointed guardians. Tommy Walters and his wife Carol provided young girls to clients willing to pay for companionship. Judges, politicians, outlaw bikers and people willing to pay for a good time.

At age sixteen she met Gus one Sunday night on the back seat of the church she had attended with her parents. This cute blonde teenager left during the night without any explanation. She said she would return when she could, but that took two years. Tommy wanted to find and kill her and whoever she was found with.

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Can’t Make Everyone Happy

Some People are Never Happy

But, Some People are Never Happy no matter how hard You try

What’s the Big Deal?


T-era Rodriquez

For the last 18 years, PSL Holdings LTD has spent millions upgrading three old steel plants. They have doubled existing wages, and have donated to four local communities.

In Cedarville crime is down, for several years now, many of the high school graduates have gotten scholarships which has led to good jobs.

In Springfield, many companies are losing their well trained engineers, people want a better life for their families.

New Car dealers in several towns have closed up since they can’t compete with the deals available in Mtn. High. One cute young darker-skinned woman owns every dealership in town and can provide every make and model with better service. She also owns three banks and does ALL her own financing, even the leasing.

Actually she owns much of the town, including the International Airport-Truck Stop-Mall. Some say she’s been here for many years and is older than she looks. T-era is also the assistant to the General that runs the Aircraft plant.

READ their story in our book, available for Kindle and in paperback.

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Cedarville is Unique

Where people can Excel

Cedarville Where people can Excel, Good tops Evil!

Over the Years…

Beautiful and Peaceful

Beautiful and Peaceful

Down Here in the Ozark Hills of south Missouri sits a calm little town where the people are happy and unemployment is ZERO. The Cedarville Steel plant has not had a single layoff in over sixteen years. That’s since the new Colombian owners took over back in 1970.

There are three similar steel plants all owned by the same people who keep hiring. The other two steel plants are eleven miles west in Simple City, and the third 20 miles northwest in Marshland is doing equally well.

They still manufacture some big truck parts, but their main product line is for the Advanced Aircraft plant twelve miles north in Mtn. High. The USAF has a joint venture with the plant in Mtn. High which employees over twenty thousand civilian workers. Some people in the US Government do NOT like this arrangement, not happy with the tax money that is collected. These are people who would be happy if the plant were to be closed and twenty-five thousand workers be unemployed.

READ the whole story about their fight with biker gangs, organized crime, and the US Government.

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History as IT should be Told…

Nothing but LIES

Public Schools do NOT Lie to their Students, Do They?

One Billion Years Ago: the Great War of the Universe

He ruled many years ago

Lives forever

The Universe is quite large and is run much like a giant Corporation. The one True God is “Yahweh”, the Chairman of the Board. The only Son of God “Yahusha ben Yahuah”, is the Chief Executive Officer. The Holy Spirit, the “Spirit of God”, is the President and oversees that needed work gets done.

The Archangels: are the overseers of the various Galaxies, helping to make sure the RULES of the Intergalactic Council are adhered to. Whenever there is a disagreement, the question is put before the Council. All Members work together for adequate solutions that will be fair to everyone involved. This has worked perfectly with no greed being allowed to get in the way of what is right and fair.

History as it is written in school books and other records is pure fiction. In Germany, around 1440, goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, which started the Printing Revolution. Modelled on the design of existing screw presses, a single Renaissance printing press could produce up to 3,600 pages per workday, compared to forty by hand-printing and a few by hand-copying. Then information had to be researched, copied down and proofread before being put into book form. Thus much of recorded history is fiction to make it easier for the reader. FACTS have not played a major part in development of historical records, just what someone wants you to believe.

8 sided Great Pyramid of Giza

8 sided Great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza was NOT built by Egyptians. A unified kingdom was formed in 3150 BC by King Menes, leading to a series of dynasties that ruled Egypt for the next three millennia. Egyptian culture flourished during this long period and remained distinctively Egyptian in its religion, arts, language and customs.

The three main pyramids and the Sphinx were completed, aligned with the stars in Orion’s Belt in the year 10,553 BC. The continent of Africa as we know it today, in its entirety was called Libya before the great worldwide flood.

The Great Pyramid as shown in this picture plainly shows it has eight sides, not four. Many historians still try to have the public believe it only has four with the depressions being internal flaws. Internally, the granite blocks are cut and fitted together with a tolerance of 1/100th inch. This gives no room for any flaw to exist and had to have been designed with blocks cut to fit so as to have eight sides.

Our second book will explain how and by whom these and other structures were designed and built. Shocking revelations as these people are still alive and continuing to work today.

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New Review “Shelby*”

The Girls have Problems

The Girls have Problems NOT of their own doing

These two are UNIQUE!

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Susie is sharpe

Susie is sharpe for only 5 ft

Susie Wilson and Shelby Gore are definitely GENIUS level young ladies. They have a problem, they solve it on the run as they are taking action.

Now, both girls have found they are in love with RICH older men. Both have traded their skateboards for nice cars, Susie drives a black 560 SL Mercedes and Shelby has shown up at school with a white Caddy convertible. Shelby’s Alante is equipped with the Corvette 7.0 L7 505 hp small block V8 which cost many dollars extra. Quite an upgrade for Shelby from her skateboard.

Someone in Springfield said the girls got into a fight at a local auto supply store with several bikers. No one gets into fights with Outlaw Bikers and wins. At least not until these two girls came along and started to kick ass. Their Friday night parties ended months ago when Shelby turned 16, that didn’t set good with other high school students. Maybe if Shelby isn’t asked out to the Prom, New Year’s Eve and Christmas parties, she’ll change her mind?

Other people than just students want to teach this young high-and-mighty a lesson. That didn’t turn out very well, she sent them home to Medellin Colombia in body-bags. The following Sunday at church, she’s sitting next to her Dad’s boss holding hands. The very next day, Cedarville Steel announces that Willie Johnson is stepping down as General Manager, with Shelby’s Dad assuming that roll. She is only sixteen and he is a lot older, but looks maybe early thirties. Could she be…?

Click to READ their story: “The Dreams of Shelby Gore on Kindle or paperback

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What’s Next?

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

In Her Next Book:

Marcella survived

Marcella survived

Shelby does have some history; Gus and Marcella had impossible circumstances to overcome just to stay alive. Things have NOT always been calm and casual as they have appeared to be in Cedarville, some people have made really bad choices. The Sanders family may be rich, but they have to earn their money by doing the impossible. A four year old little girl kills a grown man who tries to kill her and Momma, not possible, Tommy Walters died while waiting on Death Row at Jefferson City prison.

When I was 12

I ain’t putting up with it!

When the same little girl was twelve, ten men died and two more died in a police shootout. The story on the TV News said something else, not what really happened. My friends keep me out of the news, it’s their job. It’s my JOB to kick ass and make sure they do NOT get back up.

In the next book, Willie and I do get married just before we both go NUTS! Five couples get married in a joint ceremony in the Tabernacle at Salem. We have a set down dinner with Anita and Castro, to get their input on rumors that are circulating in other parts of the world.

READ “The Dreams of Shelby Gore” to be ready for the next chapter in our mixed up lives. Marcos and Susie get started on their new job, after a brief Honeymoon.

Who built the Pyramids at Giza? They had to be completed for 10,553 BC or their alignment would be off, but they got finished in time.

What happened to the Ark of the Covenant?

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Do NOT Under Estimate…

Be careful

These Two are DANGEROUS!

Cute but DEADLY!

Down in the south central Missouri town of Cedarville, stories abound about two young girls: Shelby Gore and Susie Wilson. It’s April 1988, these girls with one more investor, each are investing fifty million US dollars in a friend’s business. Questions quickly arise as to where can two teenage girls get this kind of money?

Kare-Ann friend

Kare-Ann their friend

Their friend Kare-Ann Young started her business by setting up twelve area stores fifteen years earlier. She operates under the name of Young’s Family & Home Centers. One of these stores is here in Cedarville, one is eleven miles west in Simple City, one in Marshland, one in Lebanon, one in St. Roberts, one in Rolla, and two in Mtn. High. The other four are located in communities surrounding Springfield.

This week Young has the opportunity to add 12 supermarkets, 12 pharmacies, 14 hardware stores, and 13 auto-supply stores. These additional store chains have wholesale distribution to mom-and-pop stores in near-by smaller towns. This is a do it now or forget it situation. All the Springfield area stores are facing bankruptcy. The stores must liquidate immediately, or close permanently with no other options.

These stores should be in good financial shape, this is not due to the lack of sales. Stores are making monthly extortion payments. Some of these stores have been milked dry over many years. The Tulsa based Smith Brothers Biker Gang demands a portion of total monthly revenue, not just profits. Fail to pay just one month, and they beat up your employees and shoot at your customers.

Businesses can survive for only so long without making a profit and the situation gets worse each month. Now, with money-in-hand this week only, the stores can be bought for their debts. They do want a guarantee that all employees will be kept. Within the last fifteen years, Kare-Ann Young has paid out over three million dollars to the Smiths. Now, how does she plan to afford payments on these added stores?

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One Tuff Cookie!

Will Kick Your Ass

Will Kick Your Ass if You Cross her Path

Shelby looked older

Shelby looked older

This Is Not Her 1st Fight!

Shelby Gore developed early, good looks and the strength that no ordinary man could match. By age 12 she could hold her own on a PGA sanctioned 18 holes, never over 50. There are secrets to every game and this girl can not even spell loser.

Lots of things happened when she was twelve, September 28, 1983 for her birthday, she received her first pair of 6 inch spiked heels. The heels are welded steel attached as one piece to the platform soles, able to withstand a lot of abuse. Shelby Gore has been told not to come to school wearing such shoes, but she still wears them daily as she does with her very grown-up style clothes.

School officials tell her what she must do, then they get a call from one of her lawyers telling them what she will do. Many parents have wondered WHY a girl of twelve has lawyers, especially the caliber of the Sanders wives.

Some have even asked HOW one man like Colonel Ted Sanders can have two wives? He is the Chairman of Cedarville State Bank, and the President of PSL Holdings LTD, Bogota Colombia SA that owns Cedarville Steel. They also own three other manufacturing plants in nearby towns.

Jessica is the blonde

Jessica is the blonde

Jodie Meyer

Jodie Meyer is the brunette

The Sanders wives are seen together throughout this entire area and are well known as Best Friends. One or both are seen with Marcella Gore around town and in Springfield. She does work on her home computer for the Sanders family.

Gus Gore is only the third shift supervisor at Cedarville Steel since 1972. What happens so late at night to make this such an important position? Everywhere the Gore girl goes, there is a GMC Suburban following her at a short distance behind. It is parked one house to the west every night and in front of the school when she’s in school.

Why does this young girl receive such Special Treatment? Is there more to her than meets the average pair of eyes?

Here in Cedarville the High School is making out quite good, new football field, new gym, new science lab with all the high tech of any college.

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