Even in South Missouri

Even in South Missouri, Crime is getting very Organized!

Why a 16 Year old Girl?

This girl’s Dad is the third shift supervisor at Cedarville Steel, her Mom works on her computer from their basement. Why are people concerned? Shelby’s parents are NOT rich, they are middle-class for this area. She lives a comfortable life spending much of her free time up at The Hill, having free use of the luxury facilities.


Her horse Melon

Susie Wilson was her best friend for years until the end of last September. Now she will not even speak to her former best friend at church. Shelby has not had one date in over six months, though she is captain of the A-string cheerleaders.

Entering every Track meet for two years, Shelby always takes first on every event she enters. Maybe the other students are just jealous? It is now mid-April 1988 and there is something very BAD in the air. The smell of approaching DEATH is getting stronger by the minute.

Shelby does have one friend left she can trust, her horse Melon has been there for her since her seventh birthday. What can this horse do to protect her young friend with Colombian Drug Cartel enforcers already waiting somewhere in this town?

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