Who is Shelby?
Who is Shelby Gore and What is she up to?

Tommy Walters was sitting on Death Row…

4 year old Shelby
4 year old Shelby

Down in Cedarville, in South Central Missouri there are lots of stories. Most as the Old Folks Say… include a young girl named Shelby Gore. What’s so special about this teenage girl? When she was only four years old, she had to save her mother’s life. That took some doing since Tommy Walters was sitting on Death Row in prison at Jefferson City.

Using books provided to him by Leo Smith, Walters was able to master Black Magic to get out of jail to commit murders for some time. As time went on, Walters got bolder and decided to go after the woman who put him in prison. So, just because he and his wife had blown her parents private jet out of the sky with a bomb. Tommy was a crime boss, no one had a right to get in his way, John Prine, his law partner deserved to die.

Prine’s fourteen year old daughter was a cute young woman, the kind old men would pay good money for. After four years of forced submission, Marcella the teenage whore had run away leaving unhappy clients. She found someone to believe her stories, together they destroyed his many illegal business interests. Now, she is going to die.

Tommy had done his research with the help of the Midwest Crime Boss Leo Smith out of Tulsa. The girl is now married with a kid; they live down in Cedarville, 130 miles south of the prison. Using mind travel, he could make the trip, kill the bitch and her kid, and be back in his cell before anyone knew he was gone.

Marcella Gore
Marcella Gore

The day came, he made it to Cedarville and found his intended victim playing with the kid in their yard. This was just too easy, he knocked the bitch to the ground, then started dragging her down the drive to the rear of the house. “Bitch, I’m going to kill you, just as soon as you get to watch me kill your little brat.” he was telling her as they went by the side of the house. The kid was running toward them.

“Mister, don’t hurt my Mommy!” she cried out, as Tommy took a swing at the child with his doubled up fist. The impossible happened, the kid grabbed hold of his arm flipping herself onto his shoulders. He had to let go of his intended victim, the brat had grabbed his chin and the top of his head; he had to get her off. God! …the severe pain as she twisted his head around. Suddenly everything went black.

The blood soaked small girl jumped to the ground while firmly holding the man’s severed head. Standing in front of her victim, she waited for his body to drop in a sitting position: “Mister, did that hurt?” the four-year-old sassed, placing his head in his outstretched hands. Then ran to her Mommy to see if she was Okay.

Shelby has gotten involved to help others more than this once.