So I can't take a Swim, but at home

So I can’t take a Swim, but at home

Not Everything is Perfect!

Here at The Hill where I’m living, the pool has to be replastered, fences have to be replaced, horses have to be fed and exercised. There are hundreds working in the offices, off-duty workers are sleeping, eating or enjoying the many amenities. PGA certified golf course, tennis courts, gym, running track, horseback riding, and the small lake down in the woods. This is a complete community with auto-service, dining hall, and the underground barracks where the workers live.

Shelby looked older than her young age

Shelby looked older than her young age

After I turned nine, I got this craving to get acquainted with older boys, even had my navel pierced. Being only in the third grade I needed help… Two houses up the street was where the Bank President lived, their daughter was only ten, but she was in the sixth grade. Eighth grade boys, even high school boys were asking her for a date. Susie Wilson is cute with a good tan and filled out to look much older than her age. We had both discovered if we worked out with weights, it made us grow more solid and womanly looking.

In Cedarville, Missouri where does anyone go on a date? Eat Pizza and find a place to park, cops catch you tell your folks and the boy is grounded. She and I worked out a solution, in our backyard was a twelve-person spa-hot tub with heat. Actually it is in a screened-in porch with clear curtains we could let down in bad or cold weather. Our Friday Night Crazy parties were a smash hit after only one week and two boys we invited over. The parties kept going until I turned sixteen last September 28th.

When I turned twelve, the very next day I got my nipples pierced. To show her support my Mom went to the same place and got her’s done, though the pain did make her shed quite a few tears. My Dad said that if there were any problems with my Mom’s nipples, I would be sleeping with the bugs in the backyard.

Thinking back to when I was twelve, my favorite method of travel was my skateboard. Most days my Mom would drive the two of us up to The Hill so I could ride my horse Melon and Mom and I’d go swimming.

There were these twelve hoodlums from Mtn. High that made monthly visits over here to Cedarville, extorting money from old folks. They made one LAST TRIP…

Spring of my Sophomore year in High School, I’d lost every last friend I ever had in school. About two blocks south of the school, four scum-bags tried to grab me. That’s when my Life CHANGED!

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