This is Juanita, a 19 year old drug runner

This is Juanita, a 19 yr old drug runner in S. Texas

This is NOT working,

I was very popular this time last year. NOW, not one boy has asked me out in the last 6 1/2 months, not even for New Years Eve.

My name is Shelby Gore, I go to church every Sunday and do not use any drugs, except I do love my coffee, I run 2 miles every afternoon after school. I workout in our basement gym every morning before I shower and head off to school. I’m a Sophomore at Cedarville High, where I’ve been the top performer on the track team for two years, with a 4.0 GPA both years, and captain of the A-String cheerleaders two years running. It don’t take a genius to see that I am not a wall-flower. Why am I having so much trouble?

WHY, just because I kissed the wrong guy? That was clear back last summer, well I did cancel my Friday Night Crazy parties end of last September. That made a lot of people MAD, but if I want to date a very special guy, I was told to make some real changes. OK so I’m just a Sophomore, but I’ve been dating Junior and Senior boys since before I turned twelve. Having to sit home on the night of the High School Prom that was a real bummer.

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Every morning I get out of bed early to go work out in our basement gym; this body didn’t just happen, I’ve worked to look this good. After school, I go to The Hill, where I can use their running track for two miles. This is where my horse Melon is kept and we go riding nearly every day, swim, tennis and golf were more fun when my friend Susie was there to keep me company. Now she doesn’t even speak to me at church on Sunday.

I lived a different life than many I know: as a family we have not wasted any time watching TVs. Momma and I spend a lot of time talking over what is happening in our worlds. For entertainment, there were singing, dancing and music, we spend time at The Hill developing friendships with everyone we meet. I have used my computer researching many things from the age of one and ever since. I take education seriously.

The only friends that I can talk to are the old men who spend their days sitting on the park-benches down at the city square. Usually, I try to stop by on Saturday during the school year. I need a few good hugs besides my parents and the Sanders wives up at The Hill, the old guys are always willing to oblige.

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