Nothing is Normal in Cedarville

Nothing is Normal

Shelby Gore is a little bit SPECIAL by anyone’s Standards. She could talk before she turned one year old and already knew how to use a computer. By the age of ten, she was filled out like a girl much older.

Age four, she had to save her Momma from a man trying to kill her, dead men don’t get to try a second time. Shelby was growing up fast, her decisions were not always the best and most appropriate.

Shelby was twelve when she had to take action to help a group of older folks having their Social Security money taken each month. Police were scared to do anything, people need to eat, and ZERO money does not pay for groceries or anything else.

Shelby helped get a few free meals put together at the Senior Center and at a local church. Then she waited for the hoodlums to show up at the city park. Ten big bad boys went home in body bags, two more were killed in a police shoot-out north of town when they tried to escape.

Colonel Ted Sanders, Chairman of the Cedarville State Bank shot a video of this altercation.

The summer before she turned sixteen, Shelby was told to NOT to have any contact with Willie Johnson. Willie is the Plant Manager at Cedarville Steel where her Dad has worked as the Supervisor on the third shift for fifteen years. At the July 4th Company Picnic, she was picked to be on his volleyball team, their team won, and the women were all jumping up and down, hugging him so… Shelby jumped him and gave him a big kiss on the mouth, he pushed her back and said: “Not now, we can’t!”

The next week when Shelby was getting groceries, Willie’s friend Kare-Ann Young really cut loose in the office at her local store. Then the Sanders wives gave her a polite, but cautionary talk, plus Mom and Dad told her: “NO! The time is NOT right, you can get what you want, but you can’t rock the boat.” …she knew down deep inside, there was no other man she’d ever be happy with.

Shelby and her parents were more than just family, they are Best Friends. No one seems to know how old Willie Johnson is, stories being told down in Colombia SA, can’t be true. He looks to be in his early to mid-thirties and a good match for his friend Kare-Ann, but this teenager isn’t giving up her dream, she knows a secret told to her by her parents several years ago.

Shelby Gore used to play the piano at church, before the stories got started. When you have Goals, YOU have to have FUN and pursue your future at full speed. So this girl started wanting to date boys when she was nine. Her friend Susie, age ten was sneaking out to go to drive-in movies with high school boys.

These two girls survived, becoming not even friends until mid-April 1988, many people had heard of the Medellin Colombia Drug Cartels. The notorious Pablo Escobar was all over the news, earning hundreds of Millions of US dollars selling cocaine to US Crime Bosses. Hugo Ortega owned a mountain top compound west of Medellin, semis, jet planes and his own private army. He had big plans and asked Escobar, the Snow Queen and Castro of Cuba to help him take control of the Colombian Government.

PSL Holdings LTD based in Bogota owns much of Latin America’s industry, this company dates back before there were history books. One-man William Johnson is said to have been the CEO since the beginning, so he’s got to be old, it’s said his father is still active in this company. Ortega learns about a sixteen-year-old high school girl in the US that is rumored to be Johnson’s girlfriend, kidnap her and he could take control of everything. Four of his meanest enforcers headed north toward Missouri…

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