Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

In Her Next Book:

Marcella survived

Marcella survived

Shelby does have some history; Gus and Marcella had impossible circumstances to overcome just to stay alive. Things have NOT always been calm and casual as they have appeared to be in Cedarville, some people have made really bad choices. The Sanders family may be rich, but they have to earn their money by doing the impossible. A four year old little girl kills a grown man who tries to kill her and Momma, not possible, Tommy Walters died while waiting on Death Row at Jefferson City prison.

When I was 12

I ain’t putting up with it!

When the same little girl was twelve, ten men died and two more died in a police shootout. The story on the TV News said something else, not what really happened. My friends keep me out of the news, it’s their job. It’s my JOB to kick ass and make sure they do NOT get back up.

In the next book, Willie and I do get married just before we both go NUTS! Five couples get married in a joint ceremony in the Tabernacle at Salem. We have a set down dinner with Anita and Castro, to get their input on rumors that are circulating in other parts of the world.

READ “The Dreams of Shelby Gore” to be ready for the next chapter in our mixed up lives. Marcos and Susie get started on their new job, after a brief Honeymoon.

Who built the Pyramids at Giza? They had to be completed for 10,553 BC or their alignment would be off, but they got finished in time.

What happened to the Ark of the Covenant?

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