Best Friends

Shelby and Susie are friends and Business Partners

Cedarville is Changing Daily!

Shelby dresses beyond her years

Shelby dresses more lady like

What’s Up? …is a major Question here in Cedarville. This spoiled BRAT, now greets customers somedays at Young’s, then shows up at Cedarville Steel to answer employee questions. Instead of heading off down the Main street, she now drives her little Caddy convertible, since she and her family live up at The Hill. On Sundays you will see Shelby sitting next to Willie Johnson at church holding hands.

There’s another Girl…

Susie Wilson, the bank president’s daughter turns out to be part of the Carter Family. Having just graduated from High School, every morning Monday through Friday she is in the Engineering Office at Cedarville Steel before 7 a.m. The man in this young girl’s life is Marcos Delphene, the Steel company’s Chief Design Engineer. To set the record straight, Susie is Willie’s half sister: same father, different mothers.

Why This Town?

Old Man Carter as he is known, lives in a very large stone castle on Carter Island far out into Camelot Lake at Mtn. High. Here he sometimes lives with his four cute, young, oriental wives. One of these four is Emerald the redhead who is Susie’s mother. With all the family’s financial holdings, they are rarely seen in this area.

Susie is special

Susie is exceptional

Susie, being only five foot tall, is perfectly proportioned like a taller model. This is how she fooled high school boys into thinking she was much older and was filled out by the age of ten.

Even when they spend their Saturday in Egypt or Peru, Marcos makes sure they are able to attend the Grand Ole Opry that evening. This man waited many years to make Susie part of his life. She does not mind the fact he is much older than she. They seem to be a perfect match and are well accepted by both of her families.

It’s Fourth of July weekend!

This weekend is the annual picnic at each of the company’s south Missouri facilities. In past years, 1500 or so attended except at Mtn. High, but this year is going to be quite different. By Wednesday June 29th, reports show that number could be 10,000 at each location. A motorcycle rally has been added at each of four locations with thirty dealers being scheduled at Cedarville, Simple City, Marshland, and Mtn. High.

The Biker One dealership in Springfield let word get out, the new owner will make an appearance before dark. A live band with dancing until midnight and all the FREE food you can eat is now to being made available at all five super parties. By Friday night July 1, every hotel and motel room for 100 miles is full, multiple guests packed in every space. Motorcycles have filled roads coast to coast heading to south Missouri. Bikers want to see the girl that ended Michael Smith’s over a decade long reign as North American Heavyweight Arm Wrestling champion. Now, 40,000 must be expected at each location.

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