Every Day is a New Threat

Every Day is a New Threat, Kick their Ass or they Kill ME!

It’s Them or Me!

Shelby was only four when Tommy Walters picked on the wrong little girl. She was twelve when the 12 hoodlums from Mtn High were stealing Social Security check money from old folks here in Cedarville. Twelve left Mtn High that morning, 12 body-bags returned to Mtn High that evening. Ten were killed by this young blonde who was not quite a teenager; the other two died in a police shoot-out north of town.


Shelby stays Healthy

Now, it’s four years later with a Colombian drug cartel wanting to take over the South American cocaine industry.

It’s mid-April 1988 walking four blocks home from school, I know I’m being followed by a GMC Suburban with blacked out windows. I have not had one date in six and a half months, only one more day and it will be another lonely weekend.

I’ll ride my horse, go for a few runs on the two-mile track, play golf by myself, then swim a few laps in the half-mile long pool. The Hill is like having my own private resort since I was very little.

My only problem is not one boy has asked me for a date in six and a half months. Damn, I’ve looked at myself in a mirror and I know I am HOT! Why am I not getting any dates? Oh well, maybe I can sneak a peak at my true love, that man drives my crazy.

DAMNED IDIOT! Why didn’t you learn to drive?” an old car just jumped the curb in front of Shelby and slid to a stop.

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