How much do you know about Computers?

Computer confusing?

Big changes are coming and YOU have NO CONTROL. Last week 8/9 – 8/13/21 I updated both of our computers with a 103 Gig update that has solved several problems. Microsoft auto-updates didn’t work for this, Bitdefender notified me of three needed updates. Rebooting about one hour after starting the computer, NO NOTICE, just screen turns black and it restarts. I have work that must get done, no matter it reboots. Problem is solved with this total rewrite of the system.

Currently, we have a 5-page website SPECIAL, you provide your content, graphics, photos, and your wants and needs. Your website built with Elementor Pro, laid out as you want it, on the #1 CMS WordPress 5.8. The only extras would be hosting and domain name if needed.

Last Microsoft announcement stated Windows 10 will receive support until 2025. October 2021 many new computers will be shipped with the new Windows 11. People using versions of licensed Windows 10 will receive an optional update to Windows 11 sometime in the first quarter of 2022. Many computers will NOT be upgradable: most Intel I-5 multi-core and up, and  AMD Ryzen-3 and up can be updated.

Chrome-books are on their own and are already not reading websites as they are written. Apple using Apple OS can be upgraded to a licensed version of Windows 10 and then to Windows 11.

Your computer may be infected with a virus and you will NOT know it. I’ve used most every anti-VIRUS program on the market since the 1990’s. I now only use Bitdefender and nothing else the last few years.

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