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Your Website like over 41 million other websites, deserves the BEST WordPress can deliver, Elementor Pro page builder is used on over 8 million websites, Yoast Premium SEO is rated #1, and the Phlox Pro theme has more options working together. Your website must be kept up and greeting your customers 24/7/365. If it goes down or starts turning potential customers away, YOU are losing money. Social Media updates must be submitted daily or at least weekly. A National or Local news-feed and current weather can have people coming to get their info.

Website design continues to Change with new design features, becoming more interactive, becoming more user friendly. Do NOT plan to wait for Elon Musk’s Starlink to change the Internet for the better. He and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos are at war with the US Government. Claims and counter claims, but nothing that can work for the average consumer.

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